Early Childhood Education:

The Pre-school program focuses on facilitating access to early childhood education for indigenous children. Pre-school learners are usually aged 4 to 7. The pre-school program gives children the building blocks of reading, writing and math. Using a localized curriculum, the pre-school also serves as a venue for deepening their appreciation of their indigenous culture and traditions.


According to research, pre-school provides critical preparation that leads to success in further schooling. Pre-school graduates who move on to elementary school tend to stay - and excel – in school.

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Continuing Education:

Cartwheel supports promising indigenous youth who show an interest and aptitude for college. By providing access to scholarship funds, Cartwheel was able to send community youth to college in Cagayan de Oro and Malaybalay City.


In June 2006, Cartwheel, together with its partners – the Assisi Development Foundation, ILAWAN Center for Volunteer and Leadership, University of the Southeastern Philippines and the Office of Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr. – realized the dream of establishing an indigenous people’s college through the Pamulaan Center for Indigenous Peoples Education. Now, Cartwheel can send scholars to a college program that can provide culturally appropriate and relevant training and formation for future community leaders. Alongside the scholars’ academic training is the formation program that aids their personal development towards assuming leadership roles in the future. The scholars also have a commitment to return and work in their communities after graduating to extend their skills to their tribes and continue the process of development.


For more about Pamulaan Center, click here.

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Lifelong Learning:

Realizing that the parents of the children attending pre-school also needed attention, Cartwheel devised a venue to build literacy skills for the indigenous adults. The Alternative Learning Sessions provide health and education lessons that would allow them to support and participate in the education of their children. The program serves not only parents but also out of school young adults who cannot go back to school. Lessons on indigenous peoples’ rights, enterprise development and the environment also help to promote their active involvement in community life and their capacity development for community development.

Under the Alternative Learning Sessions, the Music and Art Education Program was also developed. Through workshops and curriculum development, the program aims to integrate indigenous music and art into the basic education curriculum of the community. This enhances the indigenous children’s education by acquainting them with their own arts and culture and, in turn, strengthens and preserves the cultural identity of the community. Moreover, it highlights music and art as a tool for educations as well as a strategy that the indigenous peoples can use for advocacy and communication.

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Supplementary Programs

Emergency Feeding and Teacher Training

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The program aims to connect with committed individuals and communities to share in Cartwheel’s mission. With a growing base of advocates of the IP cause, Cartwheel provides different venues where students and young professionals alike can extend a helping hand.


For more on volunteer opportunities, click here.


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