Cartwheel Foundation, Inc. (CFI) is a duly recognized non-stock, non-profit organization that seeks to nurture Filipino indigenous heritage through relevant education. Since its inception in 1999, Cartwheel has extended assistance to approximately 11,000 indigenous peoples all over the Philippines.  We have produced:

  • 776 pre-school graduates,
  • 229 adult learners, and
  • 64 college graduates from across the nation, with most of them becoming movers in their respective communities or in the IP sector on the whole.

Our Vision

A Philippines where Indigenous Peoples enjoy their rights to quality education, self-determination and active participation in community life amidst a thriving heritage.

Our Mission

Cartwheel Foundation, Inc. (CFI) exists to empower Indigenous Peoples’ communities by harnessing self-sustaining capacities  through culturally relevant education.

Our Growth

In 1999, Cartwheel Foundation was born as a response to the Tala-andig elders’ request to put up an early childhood school for the youth of Miarayon, Bukidnon. This indigenous community in the foothills of Mt. Kalatungan and Mt. Kitanglad served as the pilot area of Cartwheel’s education programs.

Today, Cartwheel aims to serve and work hand in hand with more Indigenous Peoples (IP) communities by equipping them with the tools necessary for leadership and community development and allowing them to thrive in their rich and unique culture. Its growth is, thus, characterized by the following:

Invitation. Cartwheel’s programs are designed to respond to the needs expressed by the community. Through a process of community consultation and planning, Cartwheel ensures that the community owns the process.

Partnership. Rather than being just a service provider, Cartwheel seeks to build the capacity of indigenous communities to become active partners in development.

Education. Through education rooted in the culture and life ways of the IPs, traditions are preserved and promoted. By developing their literacy and necessary life skills, Cartwheel seeks to build capable and productive community members.

Our Strategy

In order to achieve its mission, Cartwheel employs a three-pronged strategy that focuses on (a) Empowerment, (b) Improving Self-Sustaining Capacities and (c) Improving Access to Equitable Resources, as depicted in the figure below.