I dream and dream but I could not see the gleam

A problem I have is how to reach my dream.

I prayed that I could bring out the dream that is inside my pot.

One day I saw a seed who said,

“Will you let me stay inside your pot?”

And I answered, “Yes, you are welcome to stay here with me.”

But the problem I have still is how to bring out

the dream that is inside my pot.

As time went by I still did not notice what I’ve got

The seed inside my pot was making a very big spot!

I tried to pull out this unexpected spot

But a voice whispered, “Don’t pull it out.

The seed is not pushing down your dream but helping you

to not only bring out the dream inside your pot

but also push your dream to the top.”


Thank you Cartwheel for being the seed inside my pot and pushing my dreams to the top. I hope you will find more dreams that are still inside the pot.